Will You Stand Up for Lara?

Jay and Gerri Gass need our help. They told their story in the Tennesseannow, they need action.

Here’s what they had to say:
Our daughter, Lara, a third-year law student at Washington and Lee, was traveling to her externship with a federal court judge when the Saturn Ion she was driving slammed into the back of a tractor trailer truck.  Unbeknownst to her, Lara’s Saturn had a critical safety defect that caused her driver side airbag to fail to deploy.  It took law enforcement officers over eight hours to notify us about the crash because her car had been so badly destroyed in a fire that started immediately upon impact.
Lara did not survive the crash
Lara’s tragic death could have been prevented. Now, Jay and Gerri are fighting to ensure that no other parents have to endure what they’ve been through.
Legislation has been proposed that would prohibit the sale of used cars currently under a recall until the defect has been fixed.
Here’s what Jay and Gerri are asking:
We have been working with state Senator Mark Green and state Representative Rick Staples to introduce Lara’s Law (SB 813/HB 923), a bill intended to ensure that a used vehicle with an open recall on that vehicle be fixed prior to it being sold, rented and/or leased.
Right now, a potential buyer could walk into any used car dealership in the state and purchase a vehicle with an active safety recall. That’s a significant flaw in the used car buying process here in Tennessee and across the country.
Here’s what you can do:
We need the public’s help to encourage the legislature to pass Lara’s Law this year, and are asking people to call or write their state Senator and Representative to let them know recalls must be fixed on all used vehicles before they can be sold
Take a moment right now and urge your legislators to stand up for Lara and for what is right for all Tennessee car buyers.
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Your support keeps us fighting to protect consumers.


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