Massey Stands Up for InsureTN

A recent profile of state Senator Becky Massey of Knoxville noted that she has been a consistent supporter of Governor Haslam’s proposed Medicaid expansion known as InsureTN.

Specifically, the Nashville Ledger notes:

…she voted twice in 2015 for Insure Tennessee as a member of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, once in special session and once in regular session.

In that role, she explains, her responsibility was to consider how Insure Tennessee would affect the people’s health, providing coverage through a plan offered by Gov. Bill Haslam for some 290,000 people in a coverage gap between TennCare and the Affordable Care Act.

And while some can argue against it based on the expense or scrutiny of a federal waiver, Massey says, “I felt regardless of how people felt on other issues, there was no question it would make a positive difference on people’s health.”

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