Casada vs. Consumers

The Tennessean reports that Rep. Glen Casada has a new enemy: Consumers seeking affordable housing in Tennessee.

From the story:

Legislation that would prohibit municipalities in Tennessee from mandating that developers include affordable housing in new residential development is headed to the desk of Republican Gov. Bill Haslam.

The Tennessee House of Representatives voted 72-23 on Thursday to approve legislation introduced this session by Rep. Glen Casada, R-Franklin, that came as some in Nashville had started pushing Metro government to adopt a policy known as mandatory inclusionary zoning. The Senate version of the state bill passed overwhelmingly last month.

If Haslam signs the bill into law, Metro and other municipalities would have to turn to incentive-based models, or other means, to control housing costs instead of mandates.

It seems Casada only wants affordable housing if it means more money in the pockets of real estate developers in the way of tax incentives — taking money from taxpayers and giving it to his wealthy buddies. That, or he only wants those with money to move to Tennessee’s fast-growing cities.





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