Harwell’s Impossible Mission

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Following Speaker Beth Harwell’s disappointing healthcare announcement on Monday, Tennessee Citizen Action and others criticized her lack of decisive action in the direction of improving access to care.

The Tennessean noticed:

Underwhelming is the kindest way to describe the response to Speaker Beth Harwell’s “3-Star Healthy Project,” a task force to prepare alternatives to Gov. Bill Haslam’s Insure Tennessee plan, which she announced Tuesday.

When Insure Tennessee failed to garner any support in the legislature last year, Harwell said, she began looking for alternatives.

Andy Spears, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action, a group supporting the governor’s plan, wrote in a blog post: “Today, some expected that Harwell would finally support Governor Haslam’s plan and call on her body’s members to debate the legislation and take a vote.

“Instead, she announced she’s forming a task force …”

After 3 years of inaction, we’re in for months of discussion and delay. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of working Tennesseans struggle without access to care.

The time for action on Insure Tennessee is now.


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