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Tonight at 7PM I’ll be live on Open Line on NewsChannel5+ in Nashville discussing access to healthcare and Insure Tennessee.
Last week, we saw Speaker Beth Harwell announce a task force instead of proposing action on access to affordable healthcare.
There’s no clear plan yet. Task force members have yet to talk to the federal government, who must approve any plan before it can go forward.
In other words, Speaker Harwell called a press conference to announce she plans to do nothing to improve access to healthcare and that she won’t throw her support behind Governor Haslam’s plan.
Hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans are waiting for access to affordable health care and Beth Harwell’s response is that they should wait just a little longer and that maybe next year, there will be a plan. Then again, maybe not.
Watch tonight on NewsChannel5+ at 7PM  — airing on Comcast channel 250, Charter 182, digital 5.2, and live streaming on
We must keep pushing for access to quality, affordable healthcare for ALL Tennesseans.



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