Rural Hospitals Struggling

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The Tennessean reports on the struggles faced by rural hospitals in the state, especially in light of a lack of Medicaid expansion because of inaction on Insure Tennessee:

Tennova Healthcare, owned by Community Health Services, announced in March that the hospital would shutter its doors in May. The company cited several issues, including structural problems with the building, fewer patients and less federal funding.

A slew of other rural community hospitals in Tennessee and across the country are facing the same problems that are outweighing financial benefits for the larger companies that own the facilities. The changes affect the economy and culture of a community.

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One Response to “Rural Hospitals Struggling”
  1. Trish says:

    Breaks my heart to see such voter suppression in TN and other states. This is so UNAMERICAN! The courts should be able to help us, who is working for us????

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