Campaign Finance Complaint Filed in MNPS Elections

Tennessee Citizen Action, a nonprofit public interest group, joined with Davidson County voter Chelle Baldwin today in filing a sworn complaint with Davidson County District Attorney General Glenn Funk and the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance.


Tennessee Citizen Action filed the complaint pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 2-10-108, which encourages voters to report local campaign finance irregularities to the local district attorney. At issue: Apparent illegal coordination between Stand for Children and the school board campaigns of Jackson Miller, Miranda Christy, Thom Druffel, and Jane Meneely.


The sworn complaint represents a formal demand, under state law, for an investigation into Stand for Children’s campaign activity.


“Elections should be about transparency and fairness,” said Andy Spears, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action. “We join with Ms. Baldwin in calling for this investigation to ensure that candidates and PACs are playing by the rules.”


Gerard Stranch, an attorney advising Tennessee Citizen Action, laid out the legal claims.


“The evidence in the formal complaint points to coordination between Stand for Children and their endorsed candidates,” Stranch said. “If such coordination occurred, it clearly violates state law. An investigation to discover exactly the relationship between this PAC and the candidates it endorsed is in order.”


Nashville voter Chelle Baldwin said voters deserve to know that elections take place on a level playing field.


“Quite simply, this is about fairness,” Baldwin said. “As a voter and a parent of MNPS students, I want to know who is funding these campaigns and I believe all parties should follow the rules.  The apparent coordination between Stand for Children and its endorsed candidates is unprecedented in a Nashville election.”


The formal complaint outlines the details of the alleged coordination.


“We’ve laid out a clear complaint,” Spears said. “Under the law, the DA is compelled to investigate. Voters deserve to know what’s going on in these elections.”

Sworn Petition MNPS election (00396457xAA7B8)


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