Christy, Miller Refuse to Deny Campaign Coordination

In response to a sworn complaint by Davidson County voter Chelle Baldwin and Tennessee Citizen Action regarding the need for an investigation into potential illegal campaign finance activity in the MNPS school board race, candidates Jackson Miller and Miranda Christy have both released statements. Additionally, Stand for Children, through its attorney, has also issued a statement.


I am excited about the first day of school and all of the good things happening in Nashville’s public schools. I look forward to helping Nashville move past this kind of divisiveness after winning the election tomorrow night.


Stand for Children:


While Stand for Children denies any wrongdoing, neither Christy nor Miller deny coordination between their campaigns and Stand’s political organization. During an investigation, Stand and the campaigns will have an opportunity to offer their explanations.

Particularly troubling is Christy’s disregard for a sworn complaint filed by a registered voter and public school parent. While attempting to dismiss the complaint as a “faux-legal” document, Christy fails to respond to the specific claims and seeks to deflect attention by focusing on actions by another political group. The campaign finance law is clear: A sworn complaint merits investigation to determine if laws were broken. The specific complaint highlights clear examples of potential coordination that could violate the law. Calling it a “faux” document won’t make it go away.


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