Fighting for Election Transparency

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We believe elections should be fair and that campaign funding should be transparent. That’s why we filed a complaint when an outside group spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in Nashville School Board races and appeared to be coordinating their efforts with candidates in violation of Tennessee campaign finance law.

We’re pleased the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance has agreed to investigate this issue further. We’ll continue to be your watchdog for free and fair elections.

Here’s some of the coverage we’re getting for our efforts:

From NewsChannel5

The attorney representing the group that filed the complaint said they had documented proof that a political action committee (PAC) broke state campaign finance laws.

“The laws are in place to keep an even playing field so that one big, out-of-state group like Stand for Children from Oregon can’t come in and flood the race with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, said Tennessee Citizen Action attorney Gerard Stranch.


From The Tennessean:

Tennessee election finance officials have formally launched an investigation into allegations against Stand for Children and several Nashville school board candidates they supported during this year’s general elections.

The Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance’s registry board determined Wednesday there were enough questions to issue a show cause notice, which gives its employees the powers necessary to investigate a complaint filed by consumer rights group Tennessee Citizen Action and a Metro Nashville Public Schools parent.

We’ll keep following this process and insisting that Tennessee elections are free and fair. If an outside group wants to play in Tennessee campaigns, they should play by the rules.

Remember, your support keeps us on the job.

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