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Now is the time!

Each day this week, we’ll be asking our members and supporters to take action on an important issue. From basic consumer protections to election transparency to access to healthcare, now is the time to act.


Today, we’re asking for your help on federal legislation related to disclosure and transparency when purchasing a home.


Currently, disclosure of a home’s flood status is not required — We believe this is an important consumer protection issue. Home buyers should be aware if a home they are about to buy has been flooded or is at risk of flooding.


Fortunately, legislation is being proposed in Congress that would require consumers be informed of this critical information.

Will you contact Congressman Jim Cooper today and encourage him to support this important legislation?
The primary contact in his office on this issue is Vic Goetz — you can reach Vic at vic.goetz@mail.house.gov 
When you reach out to Vic, share with him the importance of flood disclosure, especially in areas like Nashville that recently experience significant flooding. 

Here are some key points to mention:

  • Disclosure of flood risk and transparency about a property’s flood history is important, especially when buying or leasing a house.
  • Current federal law doesn’t go far enough and many consumers are left in the dark about the flood risk of a new home after they buy/lease.
  • People have the right to know if a house they’re thinking of buying has been flooded or is at risk of flooding
  • ·You can get a Carfax history report for a used car you buy, but there isn’t an equivalent for a house you buy
Be sure to encourage Congressman Cooper to support legislation that would provide disclosure and transparency in the home buying process, especially as it relates to flooding. And when you hear back from Vic, let me know what he says. Just send me an email!
This is the beginning on an exciting week of opportunities to take action — your voice matters, it’s time to make it heard!
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