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This week is a “Week of Action” and we’re speaking out on issues including consumer protection, access to healthcare, and more. 

Today, we’re asking for your help to ensure transparency in election financing in Tennessee. 

We recently brought a complaint against an out-of-state special interest group and the candidates it supported with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Despite one of the candidates admitting illegal coordination on camera, the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance cleared all parties

This puzzling decision comes just months after an unregistered PAC connected to the spouse of Congressman Diane Black was also cleared. 

Meanwhile, a small group of parents in Williamson County is facing a $5000 fine despite spending just over $100 and not endorsing a single candidate. 

The message is clear: If you’re politically connected, the rules don’t apply.

We believe it is time for the rulings of the Registry of Election Finance to come under review.

While the Registry is an independent body, the Secretary of State is responsible for elections. We believe his office should review the Registry’s decisions and make recommendations to both improve procedure and, if necessary, change state election finance laws to provide clarity.

Take just a minute and contact Secretary of State Tre Hargett’s office — ask them to conduct a review of the Registry of Election Finance’s decisions over the last two years and recommend improvements. 

This is an exciting week of opportunities to take action — your voice matters, it’s time to make it heard!

Your support of $5 or $10 today will ensure we keep fighting on the issues that matter most!

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