Of Football and Payday Predators

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Our “Week of Action” is in full force and it is time to stand up to payday predators!

Today, we’re asking for your help to stop the TV ads that legitimize payday lending loan sharks. 

Payday predators take nearly $400 million from Tennessee families each year — that’s money that could be spent in local economies but instead goes to legalized loan sharks. And in Tennessee, the loan sharks are on the prowl.

This football season, payday predators like Check into Cash bought advertising time on ESPN, including sponsoring halftime reports as shown in the ad above.

Tennessee families deserve better than ads that seek to dupe them into believing payday loans are a legitimate financial solution.

Google has gone so far as to ban payday lending ads from their ad networks.

It’s time for ESPN to join the club — sports fans shouldn’t be inundated with ads for legalized loan sharks.

Send a message to ESPN today tell them Tennessee sports fans don’t want to see payday loan shark ads.

This is an exciting week of opportunities to take action — your voice matters, it’s time to make it heard!

 Your support of $5 or $10 today will ensure we keep fighting on the issues that matter most!

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