Jeff Sessions and Voting Rights

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Our friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center shared this information about Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions:


In 1986, Coretta Scott King wrote the letter to oppose Sessions’ nomination to be a federal judge. Her criticism was based in part on his prosecution of the “Marion Three” for voter fraud, a case widely thought to be racially motivated. As Sessions comes before the Senate for a fresh round of inquiry, her critique is as relevant as ever. She writes:

Anyone who has used his office to intimidate and chill citizens’ free exercise of the ballot should not be elevated to our courts. If confirmed, Mr. Sessions will be given tenure for doing with a federal prosecution what the local sheriffs accomplished twenty years ago with clubs and cattle prods.

I believe his confirmation would have a devastating effect on not only the judicial system, but also on the progress we have made toward fulfilling my husband’s dream.

Representative John Lewis, who ended the hearing this week by testifying against the Alabama senator, echoed her criticism. Flanked by other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Lewis reminded the Senate that “[w]e need someone as attorney general who is going to look out for all of us and not just for some of us.”

It is imperative that we have a U.S. Attorney General who will stand up and defend voting rights for ALL Americans. Jeff Sessions has a record that demonstrates he’s not that person.

Contact Senator Bob Corker and Senator Lamar Alexander today and tell them to oppose Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Tell them we need a U.S. Attorney General who will stand and fight for voting rights for all Americans.

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