Is Lamar Listening?

Today, more than 150 citizen activists demonstrated in front of the Nashville offices of Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Bob Corker. The demonstrators were urging the Senators to oppose the Cabinet appointments of Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.

As the event began, those in attendance learned that Alexander had presided over a 12-11 HELP Committee vote in favor of DeVos. Alexander chairs the committee and voted in favor of DeVos in spite of multiple demonstrations since last Tuesday asking him to oppose her.

“We are disappointed that Senator Alexander voted in favor of a nominee who has demonstrated she is unqualified to lead,” said Andy Spears, Executive Director of Tennessee Citizen Action. “Parents, teachers, and community members across Tennessee have made it clear they oppose DeVos. It’s time for Sen. Alexander to listen.”

DeVos will face the full Senate for a final confirmation vote soon. The committee vote on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, originally scheduled for today, was moved back one day.

“Jeff Sessions has demonstrated he is no friend of voters,” Spears said. “He’s not been a staunch defender of civil rights and he’s not been supportive of the Voting Rights Act. We deserve better.”


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