Statement on Confirmation of Steve Mnuchin

Statement of Tennessee Citizen Action Executive Director Andy Spears on the confirmation of Steve Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury:


“Oops, they did it again. Senators Alexander and Corker have sold out Tennessee families by voting to confirm another of Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominee. It’s bad enough that the two Tennessee Senators ignored the voices of thousands of Tennesseans speaking out against Betsy DeVos. Now, the duo has voted to confirm the “Foreclosure King” as Secretary of the Treasury. Mnuchin is the consummate swamp dweller, working at Goldman Sachs and running a mortgage business that made millions foreclosing on families in difficult circumstances. His appointment is not about “draining the swamp” as Mr. Trump promised, but about letting the swamp monsters run the show. Senators Alexander and Corker seem content to let anyone Trump chooses take positions of serious responsibility in the running of our national government. Tennesseans expect more. Our organization will continue to highlight the reckless choices Trump is making with regard to Cabinet picks. I’d ask Senators Alexander and Corker to to apply a more critical lens to those nominees remaining.”

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