Our Tuesday Town Hall

Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker failed to schedule any town halls to engage directly with constituents during the congressional recess, so we brought the town hall to their Nashville offices today. Most of the 75 citizen activists in attendance were told that no staff were available to meet, but a handful were able to meet with Rachel Lee, a staffer in Senator Bob Corker’s Nashville office.

The group discussed the importance of the Affordable Care Act and shared the impact ACA protections have had on their lives.

Here’s Rachel Lee from Senator Corker’s office:

image1 (4)

Here are some of the activists who attended today:



To contact Senator Corker and share your concerns about the importance of protecting the ACA, click here.

To contact Senator Alexander, click here.

For more on how you can impact politics and policy in Tennessee, follow @TNCitizenAction

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