Save My Care Bus Stops in Nashville

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Despite the fact that Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander have not scheduled any recess Town Halls, hundreds of Tennesseans showed up at Centennial Park in Nashville on Wednesday to urge the two lawmakers to work to protect access to affordable healthcare. Specifically, those in attendance were asking for preservation of the Affordable Care Act.

WKRN reports:

“Twenty million people who never had healthcare suddenly got it through affordable healthcare, and I know it’s not perfect, but that’s going to be expected with any program that’s so vast,” said Buddy Mondlock.

“It’s certainly worth examining what is wrong with it and fixing those rather than throw the whole thing away,” he continued.

Those in attendance at the Save My Care rally then walked from Centennial Park to the Nashville offices of Senators Alexander and Corker and delivered letters telling their stories. It was the second time this week that Tennesseans took to public demonstrations in Nashville as well as attempted meetings with Senate staffers in order to urge preservation of the healthcare access provided by the Affordable Care Act.


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