Resistance Requires Persistence

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Thanks to everyone for continuing to participate in Resist Trump Tuesdays and other events designed to show we will not sit quietly and accept Trump’s destructive agenda.
Last week alone, there were rallies or activities of resistance nearly every day — mostly focused on health care and the lack of town halls hosted by Senators Corker and Alexander and others in the Tennessee legislative delegation.
Congress is back in session this week — and we’re still resisting.
Join us today at 12:30 at 3322 West End Ave in Nashville — The offices of Senators Corker and Alexander — we’ll stand up and show our resistance to Trump and go in and demand action from our elected representatives.
Tomorrow’s focus is on demanding an investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.
As Nashville Indivisible put it:
The scandal involving Donald Trump’s illicit dealings with Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia continues to grow.

We need to know if Tennessee’s two U.S. Senators have the courage of their predecessor Republican Senator Howard Baker, who famously asked during the Watergate scandal, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

This is your chance to demand that Senators Corker and Alexander call for a full investigation into Trump’s Kremlin ties and election tampering.
Thanks for all you do!



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