Burgers, Brews, and Resistance

We are back at it again this week!
We’ll be at the Offices of Senators Alexander and Corker on Tuesday from 12:30 to 1:30 — This week’s theme: Fire Sessions! 
We already know Jeff Sessions is an unacceptable choice to serve as Attorney General — now, he’s lied under oath about his ties to Russia — it’s time for him to go.
We also need our Senators to demand answers about the Trump Team’s ties to Russia — our election was compromised, to be sure — but now we must know to what extent Donald Trump was involved.
And, since resistance requires fuel, we’re also hosting a social event Tuesday evening — We’ll be at Farm Burger on Charlotte from 4PM to 9PM — burgers, local beer, and a chance to do some postcard writing on a very important piece of legislation to protect Tennessee consumers.
Lara’s Law would prevent the sale of used cars with an active safety recall. It’s common sense legislation that can help keep Tennesseans safe.
So, come out and resist on Tuesday afternoon – then join us for burgers, beer, and making a difference Tuesday evening!
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