Dear Bob Corker: Protect Our Care

On a rainy Tuesday in Nashville, a group of Tennesseans gathered in the basement of the office building housing the offices of Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander. While no one was available from Senator Alexander’s office to meet the group yesterday, a representative from Senator Corker’s office met with the group for about an hour.

The message from the individuals present was clear: Protect access to affordable healthcare. Speaker after speaker urged Senator Corker to ensure the protections provided by the Affordable Care Act don’t disappear with any changes that come from Congress or the White House.

Tennesseans told their stories about the importance of access to affordable coverage — from small business owners to parents of children with rare conditions to people who couldn’t afford insurance until the ACA came along.

The next few weeks will be a critical time in the healthcare debate.

This is your time to send a message to Senator Corker and ask him to stand up and fight to protect our access to affordable healthcare.

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