Tell Diane Black: Protect TN Families

As Congressional Leadership advances legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Congressman Diane Black of Tennessee’s 6th District is uniquely positioned to stop this dangerous legislation. Black serves as Chair of the House Budget Committee — the next stop in the path of the Paul Ryan/TrumpCare bill. It’s time to tell Diane Black to stand up for us and stop committing health policy malpractice.

More on the impact of the so-called American Health Care Act:

Congressional leaders have moved legislation to gut the Affordable Care Act and destroy the Medicaid program, advancing the bills through to two key committees without hearings or non-partisan CBO scoring on costs and impacts. The legislation would force people to pay much, much more for high-deductible insurance and blow a huge hole in state budgets, while giving a $525 billion tax break to the very wealthy and to drug and insurance corporations.


The legislation also would end Medicaid as we know it. More than 74 million people nationwide count on Medicaid for everything from well-child exams to long-term care. The Republican bill would end the program’s historic guarantee of funding health care to match need, setting arbitrary caps that will take health care away from millions. A full vote on the bill is expected this month.


Andy Spears, Executive Director of Tennessee Citizen Action, issued the following statement:


“The TrumpCare health care bill is far worse than a terrible ACA repeal plan. It’s also a Trojan horse for ending Medicaid as we know it. This radical plan to gut our health care will be disastrous for Tennessee families.


“Let’s be clear about the consequences. People will miss out on treatment and medications they need. They’ll go bankrupt trying to pay their bills. And many people will die. It is unconscionable for legislators like Diane Black to take our health care away like this.


“If Rep. Black, a former nurse, really wanted to improve our health care, she would work to open Medicare to everyone. She would also fight to let the program negotiate lower prices with drug corporations. To date, Rep. Black has done neither.


“Instead, Black and her colleagues want to take away our health care to give a tax break to the rich and more power to insurance corporations. None of us voted for that. Our representatives in Congress shouldn’t either.”

You can reach out to Rep. Black and tell her you expect her to protect the ACA, not repeal it.

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