Diane Black Celebrates While Millions Stand to Lose Health Insurance

As the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released analysis indicating 14 million Americans would lose health insurance under TrumpCare in the first phase and 24 million fewer Americans would have insurance by 2026, House Budget Committee Chair Diane Black, who represents Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District, sent out a celebratory press release.

The CBO analysis also indicated that premiums will go up by 10-15% in the first year of TrumpCare.

The report also notes that older Americans would pay the stiffest penalties under the plan:

By and large, older Americans would pay “substantially” more and younger Americans less, the report states.

Tennessee Citizen Action Executive Director Andy Spears said:

It’s disappointing that Diane Black is cheering the loss of health insurance for 14 million Americans initially and up to 24 million by 2026, including up to 500,000 Tennesseans. Black is repeatedly guilty of health policy malpractice. Tennessee families deserve better. Under the plan Rep. Black is celebrating, premiums will go up by 10-15% next year and fewer Tennesseans will have access to affordable health care. That’s right, less people with insurance, higher costs for those who keep it. It’s the exact opposite of what Donald Trump promised when he ran. Instead of cheering, Rep. Black should be holding Donald Trump accountable to his word. What’s more concerning, the CBO reports those hit hardest by premium hikes will be older Americans who are often least able to absorb a cost increase.

As a former nurse, Diane Black should know better. Instead, she’s helping advance a plan that is certain to increase both health care costs and suffering. Tennessee deserves better.

Take a moment now and let Diane Black know you oppose TrumpCare. Tell her Tennessee families are counting on her to stand up and protect them.


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