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Friends, Donald Trump was in Nashville last week pitching his disastrous healthcare plan that would cause 24 million Americans to lose access to affordable health insurance.

We joined with groups across Tennessee to stand up, speak out, and say “NO” to TrumpCare.

Here’s more from the Our Future blog:

In January, Trump promised, “ We’re going to have insurance for everybody.” While campaigning, he also swore he wouldn’t cut Medicaid. But the Congressional Budget Office recently analyzed the Republican healthcare repeal legislation. Their numbers show Trump lied.

TrumpCare would push 24 million people out of health care by 2026, the CBO says. Fourteen million of those will lose Medicaid.

These numbers are staggering, because the GOP bill repeals much of the ACA – but also cuts much deeper, essentially ending the entire Medicaid program as we know it. TrumpCare will replace funding that matches health care needs with capped funding, slashing $880 billion, or a quarter of the program’s funding.

That amounts to a death sentence for the thousands of Tennesseans who will lose coverage. More than 500,000 of us have health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which TrumpCare would repeal. And 1.5 million of us get coverage through TennCare, our state’s Medicaid program – also on the chopping block if the repeal passes.

Tennesseans can’t afford the devastating impact of TrumpCare.

We were proud to stand up and fight back.

This week is a pivotal week — Thursday, March 23rd — that’s the day the House has scheduled a vote on the TrumpCare package. It’s imperative you contact your Member of Congress NOW to let them know you oppose TrumpCare!

Your message today could help save health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans.



For more on how you can make an impact on health policy, follow @TNCitizenAction



Remember, your support helps keep us fighting!



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