Dear Senators: NO TrumpCare!

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Today in Nashville, around 50 citizen activists gathered outside the offices of Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker to expression opposition to TrumpCare.

Those in attendance spoke out about the negative impacts of the TrumpCare plan moving rapidly through the house, including the loss of health insurance for more than 500,000 Tennesseans.

A staff member from Senator Alexander’s office joined the group and listened to concerns and questions for 45 minutes. The basic message from the group to Senator Alexander was: No TrumpCare. Many in attendance relayed stories of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and raised concerns about the potential loss of coverage as a result of TrumpCare.

The event was part of Resist Trump Tuesdays, which have happened in Nashville every Tuesday since Donald Trump was inaugurated. This marks the 9th consecutive event.


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2 Responses to “Dear Senators: NO TrumpCare!”
  1. David Clark says:

    Hi, I’m a coordinator with Indivisible TN6 for the 6th Congressional District. Would love to team up and organize with you on events and actions. I think it would be good if all groups had reps in each others groups. We have nearly 700 volunteers but are still just two months old. We have done many events. We had one at Black’s Gallatin office Monday and have another at her Cookeville office in the morning at 10a.m. We also call and fax them every day and show up at any and all public appearances.


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