Stand with Our UAW Brothers and Sisters

Tomorrow in Nashville:

More than 5,000 Nissan auto workers—80 percent of them African-American—are organizing a union for better jobs and better lives in Canton, Mississippi.

They endure dangerous working conditions, bullying by management, discrimination, unfair treatment of temp workers, punishing production demands, and long hours.

When Nissan workers began forming their union, the company unleashed a campaign of coercion, interrogation and intimidation.


Join us at a rally in Nashville (Nissan North America’s backyard) to demand the company end these underhanded tactics and allow a free and fair election!

For more on this event, click here!

For more on how you can join the fight for economic justice, follow @TNCitizenAction



Remember, your support keeps us fighting. Just $5 or $10 today can help us build a brighter tomorrow.


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