Stand Up and Defend the Wall Street Watchdog

From our friends at People’s Action:

Trump told his crowds that when he was President he would go after the Wall Street elites. One look at this cabinet and we know (surprise!) he was lying. Trump and the Republicans are openly coming after the financial reforms that made the economy safer after the crash. They’re coming after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Why go after the CFPB?

Because it’s working.

In the few short years it’s been in existence, the CFPB has helped 29 million people fight the sharks and win. They’ve sent $11.8 BILLION in ill-gotten gains back to families from Wall Street. Some of the ways they’ve helped include:

    • Refunding student loan payments made by scam online ‘colleges’ and helped put those predators out of business;
    • Intervening in millions of cases through their complaint data-base to financial firms to respond and fix problems for consumers;


  • Sending restitution for credit card account fee overcharges directly to back to families.

The CFPB works. That’s why Trump & Co. are gunning for them. They’re looking for ways to illegally fire the director, take away their budget, and even to flat out abolish the agency.

Not on our watch.

Has the CFPB helped you? Tell your story!

Together, we can save the CFPB.

For more on how you can join us in the fight to protect consumers, follow @TNCitizenAction



Remember, your support helps keep us fighting! Just $5 or $10 today will mean a stronger fight tomorrow.


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