Remarks at Nashville Tax Rally

I was honored to speak at the Nashville Tax Rally on Saturday, April 15th and join in solidarity with more than 150 groups around the country demanding transparency and accountability from President Trump.

Here are my remarks as prepared:

Thank you for coming out today and standing up to the Trump agenda.

I’m Andy Spears, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action, and we are working everyday to let our lawmakers know we expect them to stand up and fight back against Trump.

You know, this is a Holiday weekend for many of us. And, on this Easter weekend, I’m reminded of the example of Jesus.

When Jesus encountered the sick and the disabled, he did not mock them in front of an audience, he healed them.

When Jesus encountered women, he did not assault or insult them, he offered comfort to the woman at the well and the prostitute, among others.

When Jesus encountered children, he did not deny them opportunity or send them away hungry, he welcomed them and provided them with comfort and food and love.

When Jesus saw the money changers in the Temple — the Wall Street Bankers and Goldman Sachs of his day — he did not welcome them, he cast them out.

President Trump has done just the opposite on every score. He’s welcomed the money changers to Washington, he’s embraced the swamp, he’s turned away children, and assaulted women.

So, as we think about Easter this weekend, we know Donald Trump hasn’t taken the Easter message to heart.

Now, here in Tennessee, we have two U.S. Senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, who stand with Donald Trump.

It’s time to send them a message: No to Trump, Yes to Tennessee.

On healthcare, when Donald Trump nominated Tom Price as Secretary of HHS — a man who wants a complete repeal of the ACA that would leave more than a half million Tennesseans without access to affordable healthcare — Corker and Alexander said yes to Trump and NO to Tennessee.

It’s time we say NO to Corker and Alexander.

On the environment, when Donald Trump nominated Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA — a man who does not believe in climate change and isn’t sure science is real — Corker and Alexander said no to science, no to reality, and yes to Trump.

It’s time we say NO to Corker and Alexander.

On education, when Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education — someone who destroyed Detroit Public Schools with her privatization schemes and wants to destroy America’s schools with vouchers that cost too much and just don’t work — Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander said yes to Trump and no to protecting our public schools.

It’s time we say NO to Corker and Alexander.

Most recently, when Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court — a man who would deny disabled children the right to an equal education and deny workers the right to choose their own lives over company property — Corker and Alexander said no to protecting children and workers and yes to Trump.

It’s time we said NO to Corker and Alexander.

It’s time we send a message: Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander should stand and fight for Tennessee, not Trump.

Every Tuesday, we gather at the Nashville offices of Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker and we send a message: Stand with Tennesseans, resist the disastrous Trump agenda.

I encourage you to join us.


For more on how you can join Tennesseans resisting the Trump agenda, follow @TNCitizenAction



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