TrumpCare is BACK!

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And we MUST stop it.

Our friends at Tennessee Justice Center know just what to do:

The American Health Care Act is back and worse than ever. The MacArthur Amendment has been introduced as a way to appease Freedom Caucus members through further undermining pre-existing condition protections and essential health benefitsBottom line: They are still at it and we have to be, too. 
We need your help.
Please take 10 minutes to take action and say NO to the sabotage of our health care. 
Spread the word. They are counting on sneaking this through without an updated CBO score. Make sure you use this weekend to tell your friends and family about the dangers of the AHCA and the new secret provision.
Call your representative. We need to target our representatives in the House to let them know we are paying attention. Ask them to vote NO on any bill or amendment that would deprive people of the care that they need. Call 866-426-2631 right now. 
Town Hall. Check out this Facebook function that allows you to follow all your representatives at one time on Facebook. Please send them private messages letting them know that you were against this before recess and you’re still against it now.
Let’s let them know we want a healthcare system that reflects our values, not dramatic cuts in funding and consumer protections to pay for their tax cuts for the wealthy.
Take action TODAY!
For more on how you can join the fight for access to affordable healthcare for all Tennesseans, follow @TNCitizenAction


Your support of $5 or $10 helps keep us fighting!



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