Your Voice is Needed to STOP TRUMPCARE!

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From our friends at Nashville Indivisible:

GOP leaders in the House are making their move to push through Trumpcare, by repealing the Affordable Care Act and throwing more than 24 million Americans off their health insurance.

No vote has been officially scheduled as of Monday morning, but top Trump advisors Reince Priebus and Gary Cohn have told reporters the White House thinks they have the votes to pass the bill and expect to bring it up for a vote in the House this week.  GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t saying anything yet, but if this bill comes to a vote it will be close.

We need to kill this bill now.

First, if you live in Congressional Districts 4 (DesJarlais), 6 (Black), or 7 (Blackburn), please call your Representative to let them know how strongly you oppose the GOP’s healthcare bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Please also urge that there should be no vote at all until the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has had a chance to “score” the bill, so we will know how many American families will be thrown off their healthcare if this bill passes.

Phone numbers are below, but one quick way to patch through to your Representative (and to pick up a few talking points) is to call 844.241.1141.  Note that this will patch you through to your Representative only, not the Senators.  (If you are from Nashville and make this call, please take the opportunity to thank Jim Cooper for opposing this bill.)

Second, everyone should call Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker to urge they vote against this bad healthcare bill.

There is a real danger that, if this bill passes in the House, Senate GOP leaders will rush it directly to the floor of the Senate to push it through – thus bypassing regular Senate procedure and Senator Lamar Alexander’s Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee.

This move would be directly contrary to the promises Alexander has made to Tennessee voters that any “repeal and replace” bill will go through a thoughtful, orderly legislative process.

Please call Alexander and Corker to demand that they vote against the House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, if it passes the House.  Please also demand that any vote on this bill should take place only after it has been considered through the regular Senate committee process and after the bill has been “scored” by the Congressional Budget Office.

Lamar Alexander: Bob Corker:
Washington DC: 202.224.4944 Washington DC: 202.224.3344
Nashville: 615.736.5129 Nashville: 615.279.8125
Chattanooga: 423.752.5337 Chattanooga: 423.756.2757
Jackson: 731.664.0289 Jackson: 731.664.2294
Knoxville: 865.545.4253 Knoxville: 865.637.4180
Memphis: 901.544.4224 Memphis: 901.683.1910
Tri-Cities: 423.325.6240 Tri-Cities: 423.753.2263
Jim Cooper (CD 5): Scott DesJarlais (CD 4):
Washington DC: 202.225.4311 Washington DC: 202.225.6831
Nashville: 615.736.5295 Murfreesboro: 615.896.1986
Diane Black (CD 6): Marsha Blackburn (CD 7):
Washington DC: 202.225.4231 Washington DC: 202.225.2811
Gallatin: 615.206.8204 Franklin: 615.591.5161


For more on how you can help fight for access to affordable healthcare, follow @TNCitizenAction



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One Response to “Your Voice is Needed to STOP TRUMPCARE!”
  1. Dear Senators Corker and Alexander,
    You certainly know that there are many individuals who require healthcare due to congenital disease, prematurity, accidents and a world of other situations that are no fault of their own. I am one of these people. My costs for doctors, pharmaceuticals and other therapies cost me almost 800 dollars every month. I have exhausted my retirement savings through paying for healthcare and I have “good” insurance and have paid for it my whole working life. Think of this: those of us who pay so much more for healthcare than normal, whatever that is, are allowed to deduct these costs from our taxes. If all you can think of is money, not the citizens you represent, think of the tax dollars that are diverted from the treasury to insurance company CEOs, hospital CEOS, and pharmaceutical company executives. There is no way you can see a correlation between what individuals pay for insurance and the care they receive when it is already so out of whack that people I know lose their homes and their lives because they cannot pay these outrageous fees. When did healthcare become solely a profit-making industry? Can you not see the misery of ordinary, hard-working, taxpaying, voting citizens when afflicted by a disease state they had no part in creating? It’s time for the party to be over for those who feed on the pain and suffering of others. Please do not vote for the current revision to the already inadequate healthcare bill.

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