Fighting for Lara

For the past two years, we’ve worked with Jay and Gerri Gass on legislation known as “Lara’s Law” that would prevent used car dealers from selling cars under recall until they are repaired.

We told you about how lawmakers on the Senate Transportation Committee refused to even grant the bill a hearing.

Here’s a story from NewsChannel5 in Nashville that details Jay and Gerri’s efforts:

Her parents, armed with just a tiny army of volunteers, have brought a bill called Lara’s Law to the Tennessee Capitol two times. The law would force car dealers to fix recalled cars before they’re sold – something that is not required now.

But lobbyists for the automotive industry have shut down the bill both times.

“We don’t have those full time representatives. We are the representative. We’re just citizens trying to do the right thing,” Jay said. “There’s professional staff backing up the automotive industry, I have no staff. ”

Carfax data shows there are about 63 million recalled cars on United States roadways this year, a 34 percent increase from 2016. A majority of recalled vehicles are family friendly models like SUVs and mini vans.


Jay and Gerri say they plan to keep fighting for Lara’s Law — and we’ll be right there with them, fighting to ensure Tennessee consumers aren’t sold cars dealers know are dangerous.

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