Standing up for Truth

Last week, we joined with Nashville Indivisible to demonstrate outside an event featuring Congressman Marsha Blackburn and Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway.

The message: It’s time for the truth. No more alternative facts. No more secrets and games on health care. Tell the truth.

Here’s a bit of the coverage:

A group marched through downtown Nashville Monday to protest U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Kellyanne Conway.

Blackburn, who’s up for reelection, is holding a fundraising event at the Omni Hotel, where Conway is among the speakers.

With signs and loudspeakers in tow, the group marched from 1st Avenue and Broadway all the way to Korean Veterans Boulevard.

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The event, which was called “Women of Distinction,” included a co-chair reception, a table host reception and then a luncheon. Patrons who paid $2,500 got an invite to the co-chair reception, a spot at the host reception and seats for 10 at the lunch; $1,500 bought a spot for one at the table host reception and seats for 10 at the luncheon. Individual tickets for the luncheon were $150.

Outside the reception and luncheon, more than 200 protesters and a handful of counter protesters gathered to chant, sing and hold signs or rev motorcycle engines, play bad ’90s pseudo metal and scream about protesters not having jobs, respectively. (It’s worth noting that the counter protesters also appeared to be away from work as well.)

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For more on how you can join our efforts to resist the dangerous Trump agenda, follow @TNCitizenAction




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