Corker Calls for Opening Up Process on Health Care Bill

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Tennessee Senator Bob Corker yesterday suggested the Senate process for crafting health care legislation was “awkward, at best” and suggested the process be more open and inclusive.

Jennifer Bendery reports:

Corker’s frustrations come as Republicans continue to struggle with how, exactly, to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The House barely passed its bill, which is going nowhere, earlier this month. Senate leaders delegated the task of drawing up a bill in that chamber to a group of 13 Republicans who have been quietly meeting. Corker said he went to one of their meetings to offer input because he’s worried they’re going to unveil a final bill that hasn’t been shaped by public hearings or media analyses.

We agree that the process to re-shape health care in America should be open — we all need to know what’s in the bill and we need the Senate to hear from Americans who will be impacted.

Take a moment and contact Senator Corker — thank him for pushing for a more open process on health care.

Then, contact Senator Lamar Alexander — tell him to listen to his colleague from Tennessee and ask him to open the process.



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