The Bottom Line: It’s Bad

What, exactly? Well, the Trump budget AND the American Health Care Act (AHCA) are bad. Very bad.

Our friends at Tennessee Justice Center have more:

Yesterday, President Trump released his budget. Today, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released its report on the House’s version of the American Health Care Act. The bottom line: it’s bad.

Despite President Trump’s promises that he would not cut Medicaid, President Trump’s budget would slash the program’s budget nearly in half over the next decade. Here are some of the highlights (or more appropriately “lowlights”) from the President’s budget:
  • $191 billion cut from SNAP, a 25% cut.
  • $1.2 Trillion cut from Medicaid, a 47% cut.
  • $21.6 billion cut from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
On May 4th, Congressmen voted for the American Health Care Act without waiting for the Congressional Budget Office report. Today, we all learned about the consequences of their irresponsibility when the Congressional Budget Office released its report:
  • The AHCA costs $218 billion more. Despite it costing more, it does nothing to alleviate the fundamental problems in the bill.
  • Medicaid will be cut by $834 billion, putting healthcare in jeopardy for seniors, children, people with disabilities and families.
  • The number of uninsured Americans would nearly double under the AHCA. There would be 23 million more uninsured Americans in a decade.
  • Health care costs will rise for the elderly, the sick, and children. Millions of people with pre-existing conditions will be at risk of paying higher premiums or giving up coverage.
The American Health Care Act is now being considered by the Senate. Make your voice heard. Call Senator Alexander and Senator Corker: 202-224-3121
Tell them to protect Medicaid and guarantee quality, affordable health care for all Tennesseans.
For more on the fight for access to affordable health care, follow @TNCitizenAction



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