Tell Senators Alexander and Corker to Vote NO on AHCA

Our friends at People’s Action have a simple message:

Twenty-three million people pushed off health care. Medicaid starved of funds. Higher costs and worse insurance for those of us with the least to spare.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) numbers are in – and the House health care repeal is a disaster for everyone in our country. It hurts people with Medicaid. It hurts people with pre-existing conditions.

Senators are working on their version of health care repeal. Right-wing senators want to cut more than $800 billion from Medicaid and put caps on our care.

That means rationed care for 74 million seniors, people with disabilities, children, parents, veterans, and others.

It means people thrown off long-term care. People going without chemotherapy and life-saving medications.

Call your Senators now. Tell them to vote no on cuts to Medicaid, caps on Medicaid, or anyone losing health care.


Your voice matters — make it heard today!

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