Can you make a call today?

Our friends at Tennessee Justice Center have a message:

Today (Wednesday, May 31) is a statewide call-in day for older Americans and all those who are concerned about how TN’s older Americans would be affected by the American Health Care Act. We need you to call Senators Alexander and Corker TODAY: 202-224-3121


Even if you have called before, you should call again. Why? Because your calls are effective and our message is getting through to the Senators. 
Last week, Senator Corker publicly opposed the Senate’s secretive processfor crafting its version of the American Health Care Act. He highlighted how the Senate process needs to include public hearings, media analysis, and input from experts in the field, rather than being crafted behind closed doors. His comments are heartening, but Senator Alexander has still not agreed to hold hearings in his influential Senate Health Committee.
We can’t stop calling now. Several Senators have said privately that Memorial Day Recess this week (May 29 – June 2) is the test. If they face blowback at home, they will tell the Senate leadership that it’s over, that they won’t support the AHCA. We need to make sure they face that blowback. 
Only 8% of the American public supports the House’s version of the American Health Care Act. We need to make sure Senators Alexander and Corker hear that we don’t support the AHCA: 

Here are just some of the ways that older Americans would be harmed by the American Health Care Act:

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