Tell Congress: Don’t Gut the Rules on Wall Street

Tennessee consumers depend on the protections provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) — that’s why it’s so disappointing to see lawmakers like David Kustoff of TN’s 8th Congressional District support the Wrong CHOICE Act that would gut critical consumer protections.

Here’s more about why Wall Street needs a strong cop on the beat to ensure consumers are protected:

Because a handful of hedge fund managers make more money per year than all of the kindergarten teachers in America put together.

Because the five biggest banks are bigger now than they were before the financial collapse of 2008.

Because we pay sales taxes on everything we buy – from a gallon of gas to a bag of groceries – but Wall Street doesn’t pay a single penny in transaction taxes on hundreds of millions of dollars of financial products they buy and sell every day.

Because the richest 1% has captured 90% of all income growth since the recovery began.

Because seven of the last nine Treasury Secretaries came from Wall Street banks – or went to work for one afterwards.

Because the financial industry spends nearly $1 million per day lobbying members of Congress.

YOU can take action today to stop the House of Representatives from gutting key consumer protections.

Click here and use the tool to make your voice heard!



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