A Warning on Health Care

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From our national partners at People’s Action:

While the nation is distracted by hearings about Russian interference in the election, Senate Republicans are quietly moving ahead with a plan to kick millions off their health insurance and raise rates for many more.

Senator Mitch McConnell emerged from a closed-door lunch meeting on Tuesday with a broad smile on his face. Senators were mostly tight-lipped, but, according to Sen. Pat Roberts, “The upshot is: This has to happen.”

The same day, the Senate Budget Committee quietly announced that the House bill can pass the Senate with just 51 votes, rather than the typical 60-vote threshold, ensuring Democratic support is not needed.

This is terrible news. The Senate version of the bill may paper over some of the outrages of the House version, but the bottom line is the same: This is the bill that the CBO said would leave 23 million additional Americans without health insurance by 2026. This is the same disastrous policy prescription that will cut $834 billion from Medicaid while handing out $661 billion in tax cuts, largely to the wealthy.

Yes, this policy will mean loss of health coverage for 570,000 Tennesseans — and a vote could happen in the next two weeks.

Take a moment today and call Senators Alexander (202-224-4944) and Corker (202-224-3344).

Tell them you oppose any cuts to Medicaid. Tell them the AHCA is wrong for Tennessee. It’s time they heard your voice.

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