Medicaid Cuts Could Devastate Rural Tennessee

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At a forum in Jackson yesterday, a report was released detailing the potentially devastating impact of President Trump’s proposed Medicaid cuts on rural communities in Tennessee.

Here’s more from Tennessee News Service:

Kinika Young, director of children’s health for the Tennessee Justice Center, points out that, with Tennessee leading the country in hospital closures, entire rural economies could be at risk.

“If there’s any tinkering with the funding, the hospital could face a lot of cutbacks or even closure,” she states. “And if that happens, not only do people lose a place to go if they need health care, but you also lose a large employer in the county.”

Nine hospitals have closed in recent years in the Volunteer State, and 32 are in danger of closing.

According to the Georgetown data, 50 percent of rural Tennessee children are enrolled in Medicaid, compared to 39 percent of children in metro counties.

According to Young, access to health care is a key factor in the long-term success of children in rural communities:

Young adds providing proper health coverage to children, particularly in rural communities, also can broaden the tax base and reduce need for public assistance later on.

“Children who have health care coverage under Medicaid tend to make better grades,” she points out. “They’re more likely to attend college and therefore, they’re more likely to get higher paying jobs, which in turn leads to them paying more in taxes.”

While Tennessee’s rural communities face a potential crisis from Medicaid cuts, Senate leaders are planning in secret to move legislation that would make those cuts reality.

Tennessee’s Senators need to hear from you. Call Lamar Alexander (202-224-4944) and Bob Corker (202-224-3344) today. Tell them you oppose Medicaid cuts that would devastate Tennessee communities.

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