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Back in late May, Senator Bob Corker expressed frustration that Senate leaders were crafting a health care bill in secret. He called for opening the process. For including more voices, especially those of relevant policy experts and individuals impacted by health care reform.

Unfortunately, it seems Senate leaders ignored Bob Corker. The latest word is the Senate version of the health care bill will go to the CBO for scoring without any public release of the bill. No opportunity for experts to weigh-in. No chance for people impacted to learn what the bill would mean for them.

All of this begs the question: What are they hiding?

We know the House version of the bill would lead to devastating cuts — more than 500,000 Tennesseans would lose access to affordable health care. More rural hospitals will close. Veterans who depend on Medicaid will be left out in the cold.

What will the Senate bill do? According to Texas Senator John Coryn, the Senate version is 80% of the House bill. That means it’s sure to be bad news for Tennessee families.

The time is now to contact Senator Corker – tell him he was right to demand an open process. Tell him you agree with him that the public should see the bill. Then, contact Senator Lamar Alexander — he’s been one of the super-secret negotiators. Tell  him Tennesseans expect to see the bill before it comes to a vote. Tell him Tennessee families deserve to know how this bill will impact them.


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