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From our friends at Tennessee Justice Center — the time to make calls on health care is NOW!

We need to make sure Senators Alexander and Corker hear from us, now. The Senate is very close to repealing the ACA and gutting Medicaid. Even if you’ve called before, it’s urgent to call again.
Join the national call-in day TODAY, Wednesday, June 14: 202-224-3121.
Here’s more:
  • Senate aims to vote on AHCA by the end of this month: Senate leaders are continuing to make make backroom deals, and they intend to bring this legislation to the floor the last week of June – likely the week of June 26th.
  • Entire process is being conducted in secret: The Senate is holding no public hearings, getting no input from experts, allowing no  time for media analysis. There is a very real possibility that the Senate leadership will put the House bill on the floor, require opponents to use up their time for debate and amendments, and only then disclose the real version on which there will be a vote. Only a small number of Senators may have an opportunity to know what they are voting on.
  • The AHCA enormously unpopular. Only 8% of the public supports the House’s version of the AHCA. The AHCA has been opposed by health providers, hospitals, rural advocacy groups, andpatient advocacy groups, among others. Currently the AARP isrunning TV ads against the AHCA targeting TN’s Senators.
  • Senate bill is not more moderate: Despite Senators’ rhetoric about how they will “rewrite” the AHCA, the Senate version is likely to retain much of the House-passed AHCA. This means the AHCA would still cut hundreds of billion from Medicaid to pay for tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations, including insurance and drug companies. That will result in 23 million more people uninsured, and undermine health coverage for all Americans, especially seniors, children, veterans, and people with disabilities. (Check out TJC’s latest blog on how the American Health Care Act hurts children of color.)
  • Calls to the Senate regarding health care have dwindled to normal call levels: Considering the AHCA’s devastating impact for millions of Americans and for our entire health care system, this needs to change. The Senators are emboldened to move forward on the AHCA because they are not hearing from their constituents that it will cost them politically to do so.
  • TN Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker are crucial: Both of TN’s Senators are on everyone’s short list of Senators to target in the debate over the AHCA.



Call-in Day

For more on the fight to ensure access to affordable health care, follow @TNCitizenAction



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