Dads: Don’t Leave Our Kids Behind

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Sunday was Father’s Day and Tennessee dads took the opportunity to stand up and speak out about the importance of access to affordable health care for their children.

Iraq War veteran Joe Manes had this to say:

On Father’s Day, I hope our politicians will think about all of the fathers whose children will be harmed by the AHCA. It’s not just fathers whose children are on TennCare. It includes anyone whose kid may need care someday in a children’s hospital, or in a hospital located in a rural community. Those facilities are heavily reliant on Medicaid. The AHCA will force them to cut services, and many rural hospitals will close. No matter how well insured you are, or how hard you work to provide security for your family, I can tell you from personal experience that your child’s life can change in an instant. We all need for those hospitals – and Medicaid – to be there when needed.

I am a small-business owner and lifelong Republican. I voted for President Trump. I don’t like Obamacare and want Congress to fix it. But protecting Medicaid is not a Republican or Democratic thing. It’s about American values and being able to count on each other. In combat, we pledge to never leave a comrade behind. I pray that Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker will do likewise. Please don’t leave behind people, like Ashley, that you have sworn to serve.

That is my Father’s Day wish.

A group of dads also gathered in Nashville ahead of Father’s Day to express their concern about Medicaid cuts:

Senator Alexander, Senator Corker, we gather here today as fathers, with Father’s Day mere hours away, to share with you our concerns with the course of action currently being set in Washington. We are fathers of children with disabilities. We are imploring you to vote to save Medicaid, and the other ‘lifeline programs’ that are currently facing unprecedented funding cuts. This is a course that, left unchecked, WILL have dire negative consequences for our sons and daughters.

Whether they are young children, or adults trying to find their way in the world now that their school years are over, our sons and daughters face tremendous challenges because of disability. Challenges that most people … even fathers such as yourselves … can hardly imagine.

The message from dads across Tennessee is clear: Vote to protect Medicaid — it matters to all our children.

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