A Key Week on Health Care

An important message from our friends at Tennessee Justice Center:

Will you see friends and relatives on July 4th? Wondering how to talk to them about the Senate health care bill? Let TJC help!
One good place to start is to learn why Senator Lamar Alexander’s statements about the Senate’s health bill have some serious problems.
Senator Lamar Alexander released a statement about the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), the Senate version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on June 22, 2017 and another statement about the subsequent CBO score of the BCRA on June 26, 2017.

Second, learn more about the Senate’s health bill and the actual impacts it will have on our country and on all Americans:
    1. The Senate bill devastates rural communities, where more families and children count on Medicaid for their health coverage. The bill contains huge cuts in Medicaid funding for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and pharmacies. The loss of these health resources hurts everyone in the community, and it will cost many people their jobs.
    2. The Senate bill badly hurts children, especially those who are most vulnerable. Over half of TN children rely on Medicaid for their coverage, and the bill’s draconian Medicaid cuts will result in denials of care to these children. The Senate bill undermines efforts to prevent and mitigate child abuse, neglect and exploitation.
    3. The Senate bill harms older Tennesseans. People 50-64 years old will pay five times as much for health insurance. The Medicaid reductions will result in denials of care to the nearly two-thirds of frail seniors who need Medicaid to pay for their nursing home care.
    4. The Senate bill is a job killer. It will cost 28,000 Tennessean their jobs. It will damage the state’s economy.
    5. The Senate bill will raise state and local taxes. It will take $4.4 million in federal funding from Tennessee’s Medicaid program in coming years, forcing state taxpayers to make up the difference or face catastrophic cuts to the healthcare infrastructure.
    6. The Senate bill would result in Tennesseans losing their health coverage. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has said that 22 million people will lose health coverage if the Senate’s health bill becomes law. What that means for Tennessee is that 634,600 Tennesseans would lose their coverage under the Senate health bill.
We are making a difference. Here’s what you can do to keep taking action against this bill:
Senator Corker has made several statements within the past week about the THOUSANDS of calls that he is getting from his constituents who are against the Senate’s health bill. You are making a difference!
We can’t stop now! Here’s what you can do to spread the word and take action against this bill:
  1. Senator Corker’s staff has told constituents that he is soliciting feedback about the Senate bill. Use what you learned to provide input via Senator Corker’s website.
  2. On the 4th of July, you can create your own fans to hand out at parades and other public gatherings. The fans have Senator Alexander’s picture on one side, and “Save Medicaid or Feel the Heat!” on the other side. If you want an online kit with everything you need to make these fans, email Aftyn Behn at abehn@tnjustice.org.
  3. Would you be interested in hosting a 1-hour prayer vigil at your church or place of worship on Wednesday July 12? These prayer vigils will be happening across the state, as people pray for the future of health care in our country. If you are interested and want more details, email Aftyn Behn at abehn@tnjustice.org.
  4. Don’t stop calling Senators Alexander and Corker: 202-224-3121. We almost reached our goal of 2,000 calls within 3 days, and we need just a few more calls to reach that goal! When you call, demand that the Senators host town halls, and that they host Tennessee Tuesdays in Tennessee. Constituents shouldn’t have to go to D.C. in order to meet with their Senators!
Thank you, as always, for your continued advocacy for affordable, high-quality, and accessible health coverage for all.
For more on the fight for access to affordable health care, follow @TNCitizenAction



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