A Letter for Governor Haslam

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We sent Governor Haslam a letter on healthcare:

Dear Governor Haslam:


On behalf of Tennessee Citizen Action’s members and supporters, I write to ask a question on the minds of citizens across the state of Tennessee: Where do you stand on federal health care reform? Specifically, what is your position on the House-passed AHCA or the Senate’s BCRA version of health care reform?


As I’m sure you are aware, more than 600,000 Tennesseans stand to lose access to affordable health care if legislation that tracks AHCA or BCRA becomes law. Additionally:


  • Ending Medicaid expansion alone would take health care away from up to 251,000 Tennesseans
  • 43,000 Tennessee veterans are at risk of losing Medicaid coverage
  • 50 percent of rural Tennessee children are enrolled in Medicaid – that coverage is in jeopardy with this legislation
  • Nine rural Tennessee hospitals have closed in recent years, 32 more are at risk of closing without Medicaid funds


Senators Alexander and Corker no doubt look to you for guidance on how federal legislation impacts Tennessee families. We want to know where you stand. What have you communicated to them regarding federal health law? What are your priorities?


Thank you for your time and consideration. I and many others are eager to hear from you on this important issue.


Want to send your own message to Governor Haslam on healthcare? Contact him and ask him where he stands!


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