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Legislators are back in Washington, DC this week after the July 4th recess. What does that mean for healthcare? Our friends at Tennessee Justice Center have some good information:

Lawmakers return to D.C. today to resume work on ACA repeal and restructuring Medicaid after the week-long July 4th Congressional recess. After spending the recess dodging voters, Senators return to D.C. for more backroom arm twisting and deal making. The GOP Senate leadership hopes to round up the remaining votes needed for passage of the Better Care Reconciliation Act and hold a vote next week.

The outcome of the Senate struggle remains too close to call
More Senators are expressing concern about the Senate’s health bill, which is encouraging. And it is because of you! During last week’s recess, the resistance that Senators faced across the nation was impossible to ignore. The events that occurred here in TN included a rally against the health bill in Maryville (Senator Alexander’s hometown) and a “Tractorcade” in which farm tractors drove down Broadway in Nashville to protest the proposed cuts to Medicaid.
However, Senator McConnell continues to wrangle votes for the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Repealing the ACA has been the #1 campaign promise of many Senators since 2010. Their political survival depends on whether or not they deliver something. Here is what is happening now:
  • Tomorrow, Senator McConnell is holding a caucus lunch with key Senators to reestablish momentum for the bill.
  • President Trump tweeted this morning that he “cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill full approved and ready to go!” He is pressuring Senators to pass the health care bill before the month-long August Congressional recess.
  • Meanwhile, House Budget Chairwoman Diane Black (from Tennessee) said she hoped her committee could get a budget resolution passed in July. In this House budget resolution, Chairwoman Black reportedly assumes trillions of dollars in entitlement cuts, which would absolutely devastate the Medicaid program. This shows that our members on Congress will continue to try to find ways to gut the Medicaid program.
Take action now!
  • Join the national disability call-in day this Wednesday, July 12: Call Senators Alexander and Corker at 202-224-3121, and tell them to oppose any bill that caps or cuts Medicaid. Together, we can #SaveMedicaid.
  • Tweet at the Senators Alexander and Corker: Senator Alexander and Corker have refused to hold a single town hall to answer questions about how the health care bill will affect the well-being of Tennesseans. Since they won’t come to us, we’re going to them. Join Tennessee Tweeters to help get the stories and questions out our Senators are refusing to answer.


the least of these

This Wednesday, July 12, host a prayer vigil in your place of worship.
We invite you to participate in the TN Day of Prayer. This day of prayer is asking Senator Alexander & Senator Corker to seek health care reform that reflects our shared faith values. Tennesseans are gathering together to pray that our Senators protect healthcare coverage for our most vulnerable neighbors, including seniors, children, and people with disabilities.
Wednesday, July 12th
Between 4 – 8 pm
(If that time/day is not workable for you, feel free to adjust the schedule to meet your needs.)
How can my place of worship participate?
Please fill out this form if you want to host a prayer gathering at your place of worship. You can also check out the Facebook event here.
For more on the fight for access to quality, affordable healthcare, follow @TNCitizenAction



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