Let’s Kill TrumpCare Tomorrow!

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A note from our friends at Nashville Indivisible:

The struggle to decide whether the right-wing can successfully repeal the Affordable Care Act and impose TrumpCare – stripping 22 million American families of health insurance in the process – will likely be decided in the next two weeks.  Now is the time to #KillTheBill and derail the entire Trump/McConnell/Ryan legislative agenda for the rest of the year.

The national Indivisible team has called for a National Day of Action by all local Indivisible groups targeting U.S. Senate offices on Tuesday, July 18– and Nashville Indivisible will be there!

As a matter of fact, we have an opportunity to show up for two different actions on that day.  First, our friends at Rutherford Indivisible have organized an action at 11:00 a.m. outside Alexander and Corker’s office in Nashville.  Meanwhile Nashville Indivisible is coordinating an action at the same location from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. (so more people can make it after work).  Please come to one or both actions – or stay all day!  All details are below.

A lot of things are in motion with TrumpCare.  First, two GOP Senators have announced they won’t vote even to begin debate on the bill (Susan Collins and Rand Paul – although for opposite reasons).  That means that one more Republican defection will #KillTheBill.

Late Saturday evening, Mitch McConnell announced that he is postponing the vote for at least a week because Senator John McCain can’t be in D.C. this week.  McCain hasn’t announced which way he’s voting, but McConnell knows that even a single Republican no-show means TrumpCare is dead.

Several other GOP Senators are undecided – but we can’t leave anything to chance.

Here’s one very good reason we need to #KillTheBill in the Senate now:  GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is reportedly scheming to take any bill that passes the Senate straight to the House floor for a “quickie” vote – meaning no Committee hearings, amendments, or serious debate allowed – and then if it passes to send the bill straight to Trump for signature.

That means we could see the worst healthcare bill imaginable enacted as the law of the land within the next two weeks – or else the resistance could pull off a stunning victory and derail the GOP scheme to pass TrumpCare for at least the rest of the year.  And as the mid-term elections loom in 2018, Republicans will have even less appetite to take painful votes next year.

So now is the time!  Please join with Indivisible groups from all over the country on Tuesday, July 18 to #KillTheBill.

1) Rally against TrumpCare – Offices of Senators Alexander & Corker
Tuesday, July 18, 11:00 a.m. till ??
3322 West End Avenue (corner of West End & Murphy Road)

2)  Nashville Indivisible Rally against TrumpCare & Meetings with Senate Staff
Tuesday, July 18, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
3322 West End Avenue (corner of West End & Murphy Road)

That’s right – two actions the same day at the same place.

Please come to one or both actions!  As always, feel free to bring appropriate signs for the demonstrations outside, and/or letters addressed to Senators Alexander and Corker explaining why Tennessee voters want nothing to do with TrumpCare.  We are working on organizing meetings with the Senators’ staff members for the 4:00 p.m. action – and in the past they have proved willing to come out to meet with activists and to collect our letters.

For more on the fight for access to affordable health care, follow @TNCitizenAction



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