Corker Swims with Loan Sharks Preying on Tennesseans

It’s Shark Week! Tennessee’s Senator Bob Corker is swimming with the sharks — helping payday predators and big banks take a bite out of Tennessee consumers. We won’t stand for it! Here’s more from People’s Action on how you can bite back:

It’s Shark Week again and the loan sharks are circling. With a bully shark in the White House, all kinds of financial predators are heading inland to Washington, D.C. And a feeding frenzy might be just around the corner.

These inland sharks are far more dangerous that the sea-bound variety. Big bank sharks like Wells Fargo got caught opening fraudulent accounts without their customers’ knowledge. Payday sharks strip *billions* of dollars out of vulnerable families’ pockets every year. And then there’s the gang of Wall Street sharks that want to go back to the bad old days of tricks and traps that could sink the entire economy and take our families down with it.

These sharks smell blood in the water. They want to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), our financial lifeguard. They’re lobbying hard to take the CFPB off the beach and put it out of commission through dangerous bills like the CHOICE Act.

But we’re not going to let that happen. We stand with the CFPB because the CFPB has stood with us, recovering $11.8 billion dollars for our families from the financial predators.

This Shark Week, tell Congress that we’re watching. We need a lifeguard on duty to stop the sharks that try to prey on our families every day.

Sign the pledge telling Congress that we’ve got CFPB’s back.



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