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That’s all the time we have left — in about an hour, the Senate leadership under the direction of Mitch McConnell will begin voting to take away healthcare from millions of Americans.

The time to act is now. The first vote is expected at around 1:15 central time.

MORE from our friends at People’s Action:

Republican leaders are back at it.

Today at 1:15pm Central, they will begin voting on repealing our health care, even after their bill collapsed last week.

Senators don’t even know the details of what they’re being told to vote on. But we know it will be deadly. Every CBO analysis shows tens of millions losing health care.

People will miss out on cancer treatment and lose life-saving medications. Rural hospitals will close. People with disabilities will be forced into institutions.

Many people will die.

Just so drug and insurance corporations can make more money and billionaires can pay less in taxes.

Call your senators before 1:15 PM Central. Tell them to vote NO and stop this cruelty. Tell them to protect Medicaid and health care for everyone in our country.

Please forward this message to your friends and ask them to call, too.



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