What’s Next on Healthcare?

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Our Senators — Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander — joined a slim majority to move forward on efforts to strip healthcare from 15 – 30 million Americans. Now, there’s Senate debate. What does that mean? What can you do?

Keila Franks from Tennessee Justice Center explains:

Right now, the Senate is debating various proposals to repeal the Affordable Care Act and restructure our health care system in devastating ways. The Senate’s goal is to pass a bill and send it back to the House within a matter of days. That means that the next few hours are really critical to make your voice heard.
We know you’ve already called. We know you’re hurt, angry, and tired. We know you feel like your voice hasn’t made a difference. But it has. We have stopped Congress’s repeal efforts twice this year. Now we need to do so again. 
Whenever our country has faced its greatest challenges, ordinary Americans have stood up for their neighbors, stood up for what’s right and made a difference. We need to do our part now to make our voice heard and to rise to the challenge.
Right now, please call Senators Alexander(615-736-5129)and Senator Corker (615-279-8125). 
Tell them that you are gravely disappointed that they voted yes to proceed on debating this bill, and that they need to vote NO on any of the bills being discussed. 
All of the bills that the Senate has considered are devastating for Tennessee families and for our health care infrastructure. Each plan has left millions of people without health coverage, and has driven up the price for millions more. These are the proposals that the Senate is debating right now.
Here are the proposals that they are debating now, and that we expect them to debate in the coming hours (you can find out more about these proposals by clicking here):
  •  A proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement (this is being debated right now)
  • The Better Care Reconciliation Act (the Senate’s version of the health bill)
  • Various amendments to create a “skinny repeal,”  in which the goal is to repeal the individual mandate, employer mandate, and medical device tax

ACA Repeal Steps

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2 Responses to “What’s Next on Healthcare?”
  1. Deanna Friel says:

    One of the biggest ways the administration has brought uncertainty to those markets is by threatening to withhold cost-sharing payments that cover out-of-pocket costs for low-income people, which has led insurers to consider fleeing from the market. The administration has cut back on the advertising that used to be in place to encourage enrollment, and put out a series of anti-ObamaCare videos to actively discourage people from signing up for insurance.Thank you for sharing your article.

  2. Andy Spears says:

    These are all great points! I hope you’ll also share with Senators Alexander and Corker — and hope to see you at the event next week!

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