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An important message from our friends at Tennessee Justice Center:

If the dizzying speed of health care policy votes has left you confused, here’s what you need to know.
  • On Tuesday in the early afternoon, the Senate secured the votes that it needed to pass the Motion to Proceed. This vote began debate on the series of health bills that have been voted on and will continue to be voted on over the next day, culminating in a final vote TOMORROW (Friday).
  • On Tuesday evening, the Senate voted on the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate’s version of the health bill that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This bill failed, with TN’s Senator Bob Corker voting against it. (Click here to see which Senators voted for and against it.)
  • On Wednesday afternoon, the Senate voted on a bill that would have repealed the ACA with a two-year delay (i.e. repealing it without a replacement plan). This bill also failed, with TN’s Senator Lamar Alexander voting against it. (Click here to see which Senators voted for and against it.)
  • Right now, the Senate leadership is drafting the “skinny repeal” bill at their policy lunch, which is another example of the irresponsible and rushed process. Senate leadership is growing more confident that it has the votes it needs to pass the “skinny repeal” bill.
Voting on a final passage of “skinny repeal” looks like it will happen late tonight

Click here to read TJC’s blog on “skinny repeal” to learn how dangerous this proposal is.
Here is what you need to know about “skinny repeal”:
Keep praying. Keep calling. Don’t be distracted by the political games. We must stop them from taking us back 50 years.
Your calls have been working. The Senate doesn’t have the votes for one comprehensive repeal bill, which is a tribute to your activism. Also, Tennessee has two of the key Senators in this debate. Senators Corker and Alexander have been among the handful of Senators who have voted down ACA repeal proposals over the past couple of days. But they have also signaled they might vote for “Skinny Repeal,” so they need to hear from us today.
Please call before tonight’s vote. We only have a few hours to stop this. Tell them to vote NO on “skinny repeal.”
Senator Alexander’s Nashville office:
Senator Corker’s Nashville office: 
Corker-Lamar Health
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