Lamar’s Lost His Way

Here’s what our senior Senator has to say about the latest healthcare craze: Skinny Repeal.

Senator Lamar Alexander said the skinny bill itself “is not a solution” to resolving what he sees as the problems with Obamacare. But he urged fellow Republican senators to pass it in order to set up a committee of House and Senate lawmakers to meld the two competing versions into a single comprehensive bill that would be wider in scope than the skinny bill.

“We’re on a path to a solution,” Alexander said on the Senate floor.

Here’s the real deal: The quickest path to a solution is to vote NO on skinny repeal or any other proposal put forth by Mitch McConnell.
Senator Alexander chairs the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee that would hear healthcare legislation. He should vote NO on skinny repeal and work through the committee process in a bipartisan way to build a solution that ensures Tennesseans and all Americans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.
Skinny repeal would:
  • Increase the number of uninsured Americans by 16 million
  • Raise premiums by more than $2000 per year
  • Cause the individual marketplace to collapse

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina just said the bill was a “fraud.”

Senator Alexander should stop making excuses for this flawed process and vote to return the Senate to regular order. Anything less is selling the citizens of Tennessee short.


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